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The Ditmas Park Yoga Society is open to any student of any skill level, body type, or distinction wishing to take their practice seriously with a touch of humor and a lot of love.





The DPYS is a morning yoga club, where students are taught individually in a group setting based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Additional influence comes from the writings of BKS Iyengar, Srivatsa Ramaswami, and the various Western appreciations of physiology. All levels, including brand spankin’ newbie beginners are welcome. Absolutely no experience needed. Promise.

Mon–Thurs 6:30–9am, Saturday 9-11am
(doors lock one hour before close, no exceptions — if students are finishing before the last hour, studio may close 5-10 min before the last hour — last savasana ten minutes before close)

Member Fees
First Week: $40 / Monthly Unlimited: $175 / 12-Pass: $155 (ex 1 mo) 

*Students are expected to try and maintain a full 6-day practice schedule, but are required to practice in the center at least three times per week. Students who can not maintain a 3x-per-week schedule will not be granted membership.



“Tui Na” massage is a traditional yet progressive form of hands-on Chinese bodywork that includes soft tissue manipulations, stretching, and cupping, and has been used for centuries to treat conditions both physical and mental. One might think of it as “Chinese sports medicine.”

Times: By appointment only

Cost: $105/hr – $55/half-hour



We are located in a quaint cottage setting near the intersection of Cortelyou Rd. and E 19th. Exact address is provided after signing up.

929-251-3831 /



(days we take a break and do not practice)

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Your First Visit
Welcome to practicing yoga the traditional old-school way! When you walk into the yoga room, quietly place your belongings along the back wall, and find a place to set up your mat among the other students who will already be practicing. Have a seat. The teacher will greet you if he has not done so already. You will then be led through a short sequence of postures (asanas) and breathing techniques, after which you will take rest on your back. Congratulations! You are now an active member of the DPYS!

Subsequent Visits
Each day you will repeat the practice you were given. The instructor will be present to give adjustments, add additional postures to the sequence, and/or make suggestions for your practice. If during the first week you have forgotten a particular portion of the sequence, no need to stress. The instructor is there to help you. However, students are expected to commit their practice to memory as soon as possible. (Take notes, do the practice in your head, have your friends quiz you, whatever it takes).

How Often Should I Come?
Students are required to practice at the center a minimum of three times a week, however, it is highly recommended that students commit to the full schedule of six sessions a week in order to fully experience the transformative power of a daily yoga practice. Making your practice a regular occurrence, at a regular time, also allows the teacher to better assess your progress, and be able to make informed decisions on how you might best move along. Students who cannot commit to at least three practice sessions a week will not be admitted to practice.

Repetition Repetition Repetition
Over time, students are expected to memorize the sequences they have been given. There will be periods of time when new postures will be added to your existing sequence every few weeks, as well as longer stretches of time when no new postures are given, allowing you to further deepen into your practice. New students to the center—regardless of their level of practice—should expect to practice for roughly 30–40 minutes, slowly building their practice up to approximately 90–120 minutes.


In addition to receiving unlimited personal instruction, as well as being able to tell your friends that you are a member of an awesome yoga club made up of a strong local community of practitioners, DPYS members also receive:

  • Free mat storage
  • Free entry to talks and book clubs
  • Free access to any online talks or events
  • Free supplementary classes (free for monthly unlimited; those on 12-pass will deduct a class)


The DPYS requests that you abide by the following guidelines to the best of your ability in order to ensure the best experience for everyone.

  • Please be considerate of our neighbors by not lingering outside the studio or talking loudly.
  • Last arrival is 1 hour before close of session. There is no late admittance. One minute late is late. Prioritize.
  • Enter the practice space quietly.
  • No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the studio.
  • Leave shoes in the entrance area. Bring all personal items with you into the practice room.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Bathe before you practice, and keep strong smells of either variety to a minimum.
  • If you need to leave class early, please inform the instructor at the beginning of your practice.
  • Please keep track of your membership, and pay your monthly dues on time before class begins.

“Do your practice and take good care. Knowledge through the body.” —DPYS